Work and Play

I am a writer. And I get the biggest thrill saying that I am a professional writer. Five years ago I never would have thought this would be my profession, even though I had already been writing for over 20 years.  And now I get paid for it, am considered an expert even (and of course I am).

And so brings me to my current contract. I am writing all the content for the web pages of a particular section. And it is huge. I am working with the website developers, designers, business analysts, Content Managers, Project managers product managers and more. So much of this project depends on and concerns content, so there are many meetings, all day long. The past two days have been meetings from 9-5.

I am the person on the fringe of the meeting. Hear someone typing away on the keyboard? That’s me writing the content for the next phase of the website that we are going over in the next meeting.  And I am also considered the subject matter expert in many of the meetings (which is nice). And I can often be heard answering questions on context, grammar, punctuation and even spelling (I can hear you laughing).


We all need to play, especially when life gets a bit heavy. We all need a time and a space to just relax. This weekend promises to be a weekend of fun and play, which after the news of my father’s health, I could use. A little escape so wo speak.

And speaking of little escapes, a trip out of town should happen soon, just not sure yet where to go.  Abeach maybe? Or a big city? Or maybe even in the mountains. Someplace where much fun can be had…

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