The Feast in the Famine

It has been a busy week, full of much activity, laughter, tears, food, wine, friends and much more. It has been a time of heartbreak, joy and excitement. And as my sister and I went through the week, i was reminded of how blessed nd rich I am, to be surrounded by such a great family.

And the rest of the week will be a flurry of activity as well – cleaning the house, puting Mom’s book on Kindle, putting the the finishing touches on my own book, getting my freelance portfolio up and running again, catch up with friends, making sure all is caught up at work, writing and getting back to an exercise routine.

Now that we know, somewhat at least, what we will eed to do with Dad and to amke sure both he and Mom have the suppport from us they need and that we are there for them, it is time to think about balance. This is going to be a long race, andwe must take care not to wear ourselves out early on. Life is about balance. And I must find the balance in this situation. I must find the feast in the famine.


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