The Deal

Every child has to deal with aging parents at some point in their lives. I was just hoping it would not be quite yet.  The deal is that my father has the beginnings of end stage liver disease. He needs a liver transplant or he will die.

Mom survived Stage 4+ Ovarian cancer, with less than a 1% survival rate. Dad survived liver cancer. We are a very blessed family and will continue to be so. We will cherish every day we all have together. Will will pray, we will be there for  my parents as they go through this together we will all go through this together.

We are no different than the tens of thousands of people who deal with aging parents, and it is the course of nature. So you do what you can, pray and leave the rest to God. You cannot stop living your life, you cannot put your things on hold. You simply incorporate what needs to be done into life, and love and deal with it all together. we are a strong family and we will become stronger still.

And you must find the pleasure where you can, you must take chances to play. Because you never know what might be around the next corner for you or a loved one. So take a deep breathe and know that each day is a gift. And God’s Will be done.


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