Raining On Sunday

I am not sure there is anything better than a rainy Sunday. After a great Saturday of fun and adventure, I slept late for the first time in a while. Waking up to the sound of the rain on a Sunday morning is delicious. The rest of the day was spent relaxing and lounging, a much needed break from the break neck speed that life had taken in the weeks preceding.

The house soon was filled with the fragrance of home cooking. Candles were it, a blanket for the couch, my book and then the kitties lounging with me purring. Somewhere in there was a little bit of light house cleaning, getting ready for my sisters arrival this week. There was hot tea and glasses of wine. All in all it was the perfect Sunday.

There was also a little bit of writing both online and the handwritten journal. And I was reminded of the charm of the handwritten journal. Yes, there is where the most private and personal thoughts go…that is where it all resides and there are almost 30 years of my life chronicled in those pages. Secrets of my life all with my own signature. And it was in those pages, so long ago that a writer was first born, even before I knew it myself. The online my online journal is still kept as well and that was where I first started blogging and writing for others as well as myself.

Sometimes I get those old pages out and thumb through them. I am reminded of the many lives and times I have led. Many adventures, heartaches and secrets. All those thoughts and ponderings…a life of wanderlust documented one page at a time, one beat of a heart at a time.  And I read those pages, sometimes proud, sometimes shamed, sometimes laughing, sometimes not. A human is revealed, complicated, flawed, raw and real.

The windows were open and a great breeze went through the house, bringing in the scent of the rain mixing with the fragrance of my cooking.  The sound of the rain also mixing with low sweet music throughout  house. A slight chill, just enough to justify the blanket.

Conversations with family and good friends. Making plans to visit my best friend of 25 years on his houseboat soon. The idea of jumping free and swimming in the ocean brings a smile to my face.

The perfect Sunday. A day in a full life, lazy, open, happy and thankful heart.


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