Keys to the Best Laid Plans

We all have those moments where things do not turn out as planned. Those moments where we just have to shake our heads. Yes, that was today for me. It was planned out that I would go to a local brewery with a friend on mine to see a friend of hers do stand up comedy.  I do love stand up. However, that is not quite how it turned out. How it turned out was that I lost my keys somewhere at work and  had to have one of my best friends come and pick me up. It wasn’t a total loss though, she and I had a great sushi dinner (yes sis, i do like sushi now).

While it is normal for me to lose my purse, cell phone, keys and or shoes at any given time on any given day, I usually find them after about 10 minutes or so.  Hopefully someone found them and turned them onto security, where they will be promptly returned tomorrow. A girl can hope. And there are the arrangements for getting a ride to work tomorrow…

I don’t lose  my car keys often (well actually I do), but when I do, I lose them really good. Stay organized my friends.


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