The Country

The country is wonderful. Clean air, you can see the starts at night, hear the crickets, and smell the rain. You see all kinds of wildlife here, from giant owls to the the “wild” geese that come up in the yard and let you feed them bread, to the bald eagles that fly around regularly, to the fireflies .And to see a storm rolling on off the water is pure heaven.

Growing up in the country was just as wonderful. We grew up wild and free. There was no danger (except from snakes and wild animals). There was no place we could not go, no place that was unsafe. You simply ran as far as you could go, and still had miles in front of you. As a child, it was magic. We were smart, went to private school and were very well educated – no country bumkins. We climbed trees, played outside until it was dark, ran as far and as wide as we could, made forts, traveled a thousand miles on our Big Wheels, made cities with our Lego’s and looked up at the stars knowing the world was ours, because there was truly nothing we could not do.

Yes, the country is a great place. Except when it comes to getting quick medical attention…then not so much. I have been thrilled that Mom and Dad have finally agreed to sell the family compound. And then we started talking about it yesterday…and maybe in a few years. Really?  I think that part of getting older must be getting more lackadaisical about things…even medical care and health issues. While my sister and I are very concerned about Dad’s health and the issue of getting medical care quickly out in the sticks, they (my parents) just seem to be quite relaxed. And when I try to gently encourage them to consider selling a bit sooner, my mother gently looks up at me and says, don’t try to rush us.

Anyone who ever thought I was stubborn should meet my parents.  It runs in the family just a bit, and they could teach me a thing or two about being stubborn. I am a walk in the park next to them. And so it goes. My adorable and wonderful parents will sell only when they are good and ready. And right now they are good and ready to still enjoy this s the space have created for the family.  And really it is a beautiful place.

And maybe that is one of the benefits of aging – realizing that there are few things in life really worth being worried or getting upset over. And honestly, they may actually be too stubborn for anything really bad to happen to them…they are the only two people who could smile, hand the Grimm Reaper  cookie and firmly tell him to come back later – much later…and have Mr. Reaper actually listen and do as he is told. They will call him when they are ready Thankyouverymuch. I can hear my mother saying just that. And you don’t argue with my mother. Ever. She is a 100 pounds stick on dynamite (well, she may actually be up to 97 lbs now).


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