Vitamin D

When we are in school, we are taught about all the benefits of vitamins to the human body, such as keeping up a healthy immune system and keeping a healthy metabolism. Vitamin D has many benefits that even the Mayo Clinic has listed on it’s website.  In addition to the benefits that Mayo clinic lists, vitamin D is also thought to aid in keeping healthy blood pressure, fighting Alzheimer’s disease, even helping to protect the body from radiation.

Charles Darwin once said, “A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.”  Maybe the value of life could be found in getting a good dose of vitamin D.  Since the sun is a major source of vitamin D, no doubt plenty of us got a large dose this past weekend.  Since this golden vitamin has so many benefits – one said to be a mood elevator, no wonder we seem to have so much more fun in the summer sun than any other time of year.  No wonder we seem to be happier after having a time of sun, sand, relaxation and more.  But everything in moderation.

This weekend I will be no exception…devouring copious amounts of sun and fun.  There will be much laughter, eating, drinking, dancing,  movie watching and a lot of relaxing.  Even a little writing…and with a little luck, I may even get a bit of a sunburn (yes, even with sunscreen).

When Monday comes it will be back to work though. And even though I love my job, I could use a little more vitamin D..and anyone who has seen how pale I am would no doubt agree.  Maybe the key truly is everything in moderation.  If we don’t work so hard that we get burned out, then maybe we can find that precious work/life balance.   We should work hard and play hard…and work hard at keep that balance.  Life is full of passions and if we can find a way to equalize them, then maybe much of the fatigue and burnout would be far behind us.

And this is not just in work, but all of life, love, family, chocolate, drinking, eating, everythinging (no that is not misspelled). Everything in moderation. Everything has it’s place, it purpose and it’s process. It happens naturally. Then here we come and start tweaking things, when many times what we should do is take a deep breath, a step back and detach. To detach offers a refocus on priorities and thus, balance.

This balance is what I strive for and that for which I pray – along with grace and Patience.

Buddha tell us “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” Who are we to argue? Imagine how much more we could play in sun, how much more fun we could have, and how much more vitamin D we could absorb, if we weren’t always so burned out?  If we weren’t always so worried about everything and everyone else that we could just enjoy the moments we are in?  So work hard, but work hard at the breaks to And in that balance we just may find…happiness.

“All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better. ” Ralph Waldo Emerson


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