Push Back

Now that life has seemed to go back to normal, and things have calmed down some what, I am ready to hit the ground running. Work is picking up and it is summer so I am ready to once again have a jammed packed schedule. But it is more than wanting to be busy and enjoying the summer. It is also wanting to examine things on a deeper level, for my interests to be on a deeper level.

There is a drive deep within me that no matter what I accomplish, I want to accomplish more and better. I am never satisfied with myself and always want to be growing, learning and doing. And I am ready to resume. Yes, there is a growing list of things that I wish to do, and existing things that I want to do better.

For starters, this blog. I want it to be less of a daily dairy of my activities and light thoughts and more of a deeper look at life and all things in it. A look at humanity, Faith, relationships, and thoughts. My life really is not interesting enough that someone would want to read the daily musings of my life…so I need to step this blog up a but and have it read more intelligently.

There are pictures that I want to take. I am finally ready to come out of my hermit stage and start socializing with friends again. I want laughter and wine and memories of good times this summer. I want slow, passionate kisses that make you glad you are a woman. I want hand holding and long hot nights. I want adventure, falling asleep to the sound of the rain and finally finishing up some writing projects that have been hanging out there for a while.

The treadmill is fixed and needs to be used…a lot. I always feel better when I am exercising and it is just time to get off the couch. And it is time to prepare for buying a house in early 2014. It will still be a buyers market and it is time I own some real property. A place to raise a family.

So things are about to get busy. And I may not be writing as much as I rethink the depth and breadth of topics. I’ll take quality over quantity any day. And that is the theme of this summer. I have spent the last 9 months shedding what is not needed, wanted, useful or healthy. Now, streamline and efficient, my life is ready to get back on track My groove is ready, and the summer is just the push I need.


6 thoughts on “Push Back

    1. adalamar

      Thanks and yes, I will look at foreclosures. But I do not want much of a fixer upper…I did mess up on the year though – I meant early 2014, not 2013. I want to give it 18 months, which will be after my nephew graduates college. 🙂


  1. Former kitchen designer, tile setter, decks and fences, drywall, roofing electric and plumbing doors, windows, floor refinishing, new hardwood installation. I have a helper and a first rate tile setter to come with me for a chaperone


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