Blissful Ends

And as the weekend comes to a close, I have had the pleasure of drowning in the bliss and have loved every bit of it. It has been a time of quiet, peaceful introspection and appreciation. And I have been busy the whole time – cleaning, cooking, dancing and loving life. I am even a little sore from all the physical activity.

And maybe that is what we need every now and then. To get away and retreat to a quiet place and just be. To take a break and a breath to just enjoy the simple things – A good home cooked meal, a clean house, watching movies, a good glass of wine, good music and chocolate. Yes, this long weekend is exactly what the doctor ordered in many ways.

And tomorrow it is back into the real world of work, phone calls, bills, rush hour and the human race…but even in all that, I know that I can take a break, catch  my breath, think of the weekend and smile.


A good friend of mine and I went shooting last weekend. She is a great shot, as am I and we had a great time at the range.  We are thinking about making shooting a regular thing with us…a ladies night so to speak. Start at the range, then have dinner and drinks afterward. We think it would be great fun.  Here are some shots:

Sarah and the fire from her gun


Me and Bessie


Loved this song form the first time I ever heard it.

And Love, Love, Love this video by the same artist as well. Hot, passionate song. Enjoy!


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