Stay Balanced my Friends

Much of life is about balance. And balance is a main point of focus for me this year. I have a very good life, great friends and family, a job and career that I love…what else could I want? Balance. Lately it seems that things are either completely dead and boring, or wide open, ridiculous crazy busy. And when that crazy busy time is over, I just practically collapse from exhaustion. And so it goes.

But I am wanting to press the reset button so to speak. I want more balance – to somehow to find that balance between feast and famine. Isn’t this a struggle for the ages? Because when you have that balance, comfort and contentment grows. I want to have balance between staying in and going out with friends, a lover or just doing things for myself. I am done being the home body, but am way past always wanting to be in motion.

Maybe it is because of all the traveling I have been doing with my fathers illness, maybe it is because between family, friends and the RMFH (Roommate from Hell) drama I am so tired. But mainly because, mostly because, I have a great life, and want to be content.  It’s hard to find, however, when life is not balanced.

Maybe it’s age and maturity, so feel free to call me old and boring. I will proudly wear that label. The bottom line, is that I want a nice even predictable life. Going out is fine now and then, but it is too exhausting on a regular basis. And who wants to deal with traffic? And when it comes to dating, yes being wined and dined is nice…but give me someone I can just hang out with and talk to. And you can find plenty of romantic things to do around the house anyway.

What is the key to staying balanced? I think it is in knowing your limits and when to say no. It is also having the right people in your life.  There are people who simply suck all the life out of a room, and you end up spending all your time making sire they have everything they need, leaving your own needs by the wayside. If we no when to say no, we can walk away from these situations.


2 thoughts on “Stay Balanced my Friends

  1. The search for balance is a quest many of us join you in, Ada! Knowing one’s limits–truly understanding one’s own heart and listening to that still small voice in one’s soul–are great starters on this path.


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