Over You

I woke up this morning with a light heart. I wondered why I felt so good, so light and happy. I hummed while I got dressed excited about the beautiful day ahead. And as I went about my day, doing tasks, enjoying the sun and breeze, listening to great music, it dawned on me that I was over you.

The thought of you no longer tortures me. I no longer miss you or long to hear your voice. The residue your presence left on my life, my mind and my heart, has been washed away by an ocean of tears. Peace remains. The life we would have shared would not have been my own, but yours, borrowed and frayed. I deserve to share a life of Our Own.

There is no remorse, there are no regrets. Loving and giving of your self is never a mistake.  But I move on now, smarter, stronger, better than I was before. And I have you to thank. A smile reaches my lips when I think of the memories of the man who woke me from my slumber. You were that gift to me. And it is how you will be remembered. But the memories are all that  remain in the day and the night. And I have new memories to make.

So if you were to ask that question, after some scotch, I would smile, lovingly touch your arm and kiss your cheek. And walk away. I wish you much love and happiness, wonderful man who woke me up, and leave you with the life of your choosing. And as I walk away, I look forward to my life, new and refreshed. I told you I could live a very happy life either way. And I meant it.

Thank you for your time. It was lovely indeed. And now this time is mine and I shall not waste any more of it.

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