Substance Behind the Dream

We hear a lot these days about following our dreams, making them reality, visualizing them, making a lot of money and all that goes with it. We hear a lot about being successful. But that is not enough, at least not for me. For me there has to be more, meaning there has to be substance behind the dream.

I am a writer and to be a writer is my dream. I have worked very hard for my accomplishments. I am very proud of them and thrilled every day that I get to wake up and say I am getting paid to write. I am living my dream. But it is more than that to me. It is the substance behind my dream that means the most and that continues to drive me every day.

My gift and talent for writing is God given, and as such I honor Him when I use that talent to the best of my ability. In honoring the talent he has provided, I am also finding my best self, my best life, and my best path. I am not concerned with what others think, I am only concerned in following the path God has laid out for me. I am fulfilled inside as well as outside.

Substance. You can’t just work for the money, or the fame, or the recognition, or you will not be fulfilled. So in everything you do, make sure there is substance behind it. To find it, listen to that voice inside of you, listen to the talents that you have naturally, whether it is writing, or playing music, doing math, fixing computers and IT…it doesn’t matter. And neither does what anyone else thinks about what you should be doing. Live your life with love, listen to the voice within, and follow your God given talents. And that deeper meaning, that sense of fulfillment, that knowing…that substance, will follow. And so will peace, and so too will happiness.

Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what t he world needs is people who have come alive.” – Howard Thurman


3 thoughts on “Substance Behind the Dream

  1. Hey Ada
    I too am following a dream. I am releasing my book entitled: Sex Education for Adults, Secrets to Amazing Sex and Happily Ever After Too on January 13,2013
    I would love for you to read it and get your feed back on it.


  2. Hey Consider it done. I will send you the galleys when I have finished. The launch date is January 10,2013.; I am following a best seller strategy. The beaut of that is that you only have to be on the best seller list for one week to forever hold the title of best selling author. Not only that you only have to be a best seller in your category. If you are interested, I could share some tips with you. Don’t you also have a book in the works?


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