The Deeper Mirror

Looking over my blog, sometimes I struggle to write about new things and new experiences. Sometimes getting inspiration is easy, it can be from something someone says, or does, something I read or see on TV or in a movie, or just a thought that flashes across my mind. Other times it is a bit more difficult.

And I wonder if I am writing about the same things, just in a different space or different voice?  How many times in life do we find ourselves in the same place? Facing the same issues or just {really} facing them this time?

I am in a great place in my life. My family is once again healthy, though not completely out of danger. I am very happy in my new position and work is very satisfying. I have found my Fiesty again and I hear my old Sassy voice coming back. And now it is time to accomplish more…and look deeper. I find I am searching for deeper things, in deeper spaces. I want to see a deeper reflection of the world and all it contains. I want to connect on a deeper level to the people around me.

And so, to learn sometimes we must re read the books already on the shelf. We must see what clues we might have missed when we were not as well equipped. For with time comes experience, and in that experience we can see things on different levels than we did in the past.


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