The older I get the more I realize life is about taking chances. You must always be curious about life and the world, you must always work hard, you must always believe, pray and have faith. And you must always take chances. Even if those chances fail, at least you took them, at least you took that leap of faith, and at least you tried. And honestly, no matter where you end up, or with whom, it always ends up just the way it should.

And those mistakes? They make you into the into the amazing person you are, and who you will become. Those scars are beautiful to me. They show strength, stamina, hope, the wonder of being human. And those mistakes and chances, you never know where they might take you, the people you might meet along the way and the adventures you may have. Even if the experiences are painful they are yours and are priceless.

Keep friends and loved ones close. Treat your core as sacred, because it is. Only show it to those who will cherish it and you. When you take a chance and it works, those people will be happy for you and celebrate with you. And there are some along the way who will take pleasure when you falter. Ignore them.

But take those chances. Work hard and believe. Believe in yourself and your abilities, believe in life, but mostly believe in love. And when you say I love, make sure you mean it. I have never regretted saying those words, but I have always meant it from the bottom of my heart on the few times I have said it too. And saying it is a leap of faith too. Take the chance. Life is short, and you may may never get the opportunity to say it again. Take the chance to say what you mean, whatever it is. Don’t let words go unspoken, to whomever.

Taking chances can hurt though. It can leave you worn out and wary. But it’s worth it. To take chances and experience everything life has to offer is, in my humble opinion, the only way to honor God and the life He has waiting for you. Be honest to others and true to yourself – always. Take chances and love with all your heart.


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