Channeling My Inner Laura Croft

I did it. And I kicked butt. Yesterday a d wonderful friend took me out for a bit of an adventure. It actually started a few weeks ago when I told the story of purchasing a Living Socials Adventure of shooting a few guns, but had to pass it to a friend of mine because I ended up out of town that day. He, being an avid gun collector, said he had some of those kinds of high powered semi-automatic rifles and I was welcome to go shooting with him anytime. never one to pass up an adventure, I said yes. Oh what fun.

I shot Three rifles and 2 handguns, not including Bessie, my lone Glock for home protection. I refered to the rifles as Big-Daddy, Middle-Daddy and Small-Daddy, but for the gun enthusiast they actually were:

  • (Big Daddy) 1965 Chinese Norico soike Bayonette SKS in a Tapco intrafuse collapsable stock in 7.62x39mm
  • (Middle Daddy)DPMS Oraacle AR15 in 5.56/.223 Remington
  • (Small-Daddy) Rugar 10/22 in 22LR with a tactical solutions fluted threaded bull barrel and over molded houge stock

There will be a quiz later…I went for the Big-Daddy first (of course) and was just a little intimidated by it’s powwer and weight. It was hard to look through the scope or sights and keep it steady enough to really hit anything (actually I was aiming 3 feet below the target and 2 feet above it, so I didn’t really miss. Or that is just what I am telling myself).

Shooting Big Daddy

Next was Middle-Daddy. It was easier to handle, but I still didn’t really do that great with hitting the targets. But it was fun to shoot.

Me and Middle-Daddy
Me and Middle-Daddy

Then there was Small Daddy…and I kicked but with him, and his awesomely super accurate scope. I was told you could hit a dime 100 feet away. And after shooting it I completely agree. I shot a tiny target from a little over 50 feet away. Oh yes, I feeling every bit of the Laura Croft Bad Ass, Kick Butt Female super hero I knew I could be.

Aiming and shooting Little-Daddy

I also shot Bessie and was able to shoot the little mail flag off an old mail box that was brought as a target…from 50 feet away (did I mention that I am an AWESOME shot?) I mean, a time thing like that from 50 feet away? Yep. I also shot his Bersa Thunder 380 and Sig Sauer Mosquito 22LR, and did pretty good with them.

Red Solo cup I shot from 50 yards with Little-Daddy
Red Solo cup I shot from 50 yards with Little-Daddy
Mailbox flag I shot from 50 yards with my Glock 9mm, Bessie. Why yes, I am a great shot. ๐Ÿ™‚

All is all is was a very fun day, and now I can say that I shot some pretty powerful guns. And I am a girl, which makes it even that much better. Afterward, there was absolutely no stress left in my body. The combination of being out in the fresh air, it being hot, the physicality of lifting and shooting the rifles and the concentration of 4 hours of target practice was enough to work out all of the kinks and stresses left from the last month. It was the best stress reliever ever (OK, maybe 2nd best). It was exactly what I needed and I slept very sound.

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