A New Hope

It is finally here. The weekend after the week of rest, and oh how I needed this week. My emotions are back in line after being so terrified of losing my father. He is getting stronger day. A weekend of reading, resting, praying, eating and even a bit of shooting. Tomorrow a friend is taking me up to the mountains to shoot all kinds of automatic rifles. I am looking forward to this, as I have always wanted to say I shot an AK47 and such. Yes, many pictures will be taken. A nice quiet  Saturday night reading, followed by church on Sunday.

And sometimes in life that is what we need – to take a few steps back, to rest, to hold what is truly the most dear to us very close. Then, when we step back out into the world, we smile without reservation because our hearts are lighter. We laugh laugh easier, walk with more of a spring in our step, and just feel…better. This is where I am now.  Life is not perfect, my father is not out of danger and my guest is still having some issues. My car is till making that new funny sound and needs to get checked out.  And I still miss him, everyday so very much. But for now, all of that is OK, because just like my dear wonderful Dad, I am getting stronger every day too. And every day, I pray for Grace, Peace and Understanding.

And on a lighter note: May the 4th be with you! It is international Star Wars Day. The original trilogy is the best and Han shot first.

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