Bohemian Singing Family

If you have not seen this great video of a Dad singing the Queen song with his kids on the way to school, go to Youtube and watch it now (yes now!). You cannot help but smile. He is in the car with his 3 kids singing and all of them are rocking out to Queen. And there is nothing sweeter or more wonderful than a man who is a dedicated father.


Music is such a great gift, especially to children.  Growing up we always had music playing around our house. And it was wonderful. I have the CD’s of the albums that we listened to when I was little, and I still listen to them on the weekends. I used to always sing to my nephews when they were little, especially my middle nephew. It was the only thing that would stop him crying. It was Billy Joel songs to him and he loved it. And I have always made up little funny songs around the house to sing to them as well. They just laugh and shake their heads at their eccentric aunt. But they love it.

Music knows no boundaries and can convey so many different emotions. Whether there are lyrics or not is unimportant…as long as it moves you, gives you chills, makes you smile, makes you hum makes you feel…then it is art.

Teaching kids to play an instrument helps their cognitive skills as well. I am always going to have music playing around the house too when I have kids.Growing up with music gave me a lifelong appreciation for it, and even fueled my career in radio. I want to give that gift to my children as well…along with a love of books and reading my parents passed to me as well. I simply cannot imagine my life without music, and this video reminded me of growing up with my parents.


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