Church and Song

It was a gritty place, with funny and vulgar signs on the walls, making fun of many things. A local dive, only where the locals go, or those who are lost. And there she sat, on stage, in her pajamas, or a moderately sexy nightgown, showing just enough, but nothing really. And she started to sing, a slightly melancholy song, with minimal musical support, which made it all the more haunting. My Funny Valentine. My Favorite song. And as she closed the song, with her sweet melancholy voice, a few tears ran down my cheek. It was marvelous. She was marvelous.loin

And it was exactly what I needed. Live music always does the soul good. After getting the update on my father, I needed a good song and a tall glass of wine to cry into. And it was provided. I also needed some stress relief – some smiles and good conversation. And good soulful music. Walking After Midnight, summertime, My Funny valentine, and just a few of the classic she sang beautifully.

And that is exactly what I got. I would love for this post to be deep and brilliant. Love for it to outline the deeper meaning of life and what we need, in our deepest parts, at the quietest times of the night. But the truth is, maybe we just need a little compassion, a little soul and and little live music.

It was to help me celebrate, to help me relax and forget the trouble of the world for a bit – to just be, and listen to the music and the sweet strong voice singing.


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