A Girl

I feel like I am a very lucky girl, because I am a girl. And girls get to have the best, most delicious fun.  We truly get the best of everything. We get to take wonderful, long hot bubble baths, we get to play with make up, we get to paint our finer and toe nails, we get to have pretty long hair. I love, love, love being a girl.

I love painting my toenails, they are red and match my fingers.I love being pretty and fixing my hair and just being girly. I love wearing perfume, and a scent that can stop a man in his tracks. I love having soft skin. I love wearing a long robe after a bath. And I love wearing pretty lacy delicate under a worn out pair of jeans and a t-shirt. It love having those pretty lacy things as my little secret.

I love having a feminine walk and voice. I love the fact that girls don’t have to pick up heavy things, I love the fact that we get to go first because we are ladies. I love having the door opened for me….

Which brings me to another point, chivalry should ot be dead. I love it when I get to be the girl and a man is a man. I want the man to open my door, hold my hand, protect me, take charge in the relationship, be a bit aggressive and show me why I should be glad to be a woman.

Yes, I love being a girl.


3 thoughts on “A Girl

  1. Oh Ada, chivalry is not dead just wounded by the feminists. Hooray for you for embracing your girly girl and wearing frilly lacy lingerie
    So many women wear deadly dull white nylon panties and utilitarian bras. I can’t tell you how many women have beaten me up for
    suggesting that they wear frilly lingerie for their man and that romance should not just be a one way street.


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