Grey 2

As I read this book and am moved by so many parts of it, it dawns on me why so many women, myself included, cannot stop reading. It is not the erotica, though that certainly does not hurt. It is not the fact that the character is very good looking and incredibly wealthy, though that does not hurt either. It is the fact that the relationship between the two is so intimately, intimate. He enjoys taking care of her, when she is in her most weak and vulnerable states. and while he is definitely the Alpha male, he never causes her harm, even when he could. In early part of the book, she is drunk and throws up. Really no woman wants to do that in front of any man, much less one that is rich and good looking, as most men would turn and run screaming. His character pulls her hair back, and gently holds her up. And he tells her: If you have to throw up again, do it here, I’ll hold you.” When I read that I melted.

And he completely takes care of her. I think that this book has tapped into the fact that deep down, even the most accomplished and capable women, wants to be taken care of.  Yes there it is, I said it. That thing we modern girls are not even supposed to say much less think. But there it is and it is true. For all the women’s rights and such, we want someone who will be good to us, who will take care of us, even when we are un-pretty, even when we are silly, someone who will be the Alpha, someone who will make us scream, and someone who will be just as demanding as we can be, but who will also  balance that with humanity. It has tapped into the fact that those old fashioned roles of men and women never really went out of style. And in this world, as confusing and hard as it may be, there are still some constants that exist.

And for the first time in a long time, this book has made it OK for women to come out and say it, to own it. And as far as I am concerned – it is about damn time. 🙂

And it makes me think of my own life a bit. Here i am surrounded by men, especially as of late, in which I have no interest. Since i have become single again, they have been coming out of the woodwork. And yet i find none of them inspiring at all. A bit of innocent flirting is about all I can muster. They just do not have ‘IT’, whatever that fire is that gets my attention. That makes me want to get to know them better and for them to be closer to me. And i wonder how long it will be before I find someone interesting. Yes, if i wanted just the physical i could have all i wanted and then some. But i want more, always have. I have never been the friends with benefits type.

And so i wait…and enjoy my books.


9 thoughts on “Grey 2

  1. I am busy all week taking care of things, looking after details and being incharge. I don`t want to always decide where we go for dinner, look for the airline gate or decide when to have a party. I love it that a man will be a man. I need a man, not a boy that mommy looks after. Have women gone too far and emasculated men ?


    1. adalamar

      I don’t know why men aren’t men anymore. It is probably a combination rather than just one thing. Whatever it is, I do wish it could be reversed. And i am with you, i have to take care of enough that i do not want to have to make those kinds of decisions. I would happily relinqish controll to a man if i knew he would take care of me. I am capable, but i want the man to be a man, be the head of the household and wear the pants.


    2. adalamar

      And to be honest…I want a man who is stronger than I am, smarter than I am, makes more more than I do; is more educated than I am, is more agressive than I am and more sexually experinced than I am and who is more sophisticated than I am. I wanthave a M.A.N.Thats not too much too ask, right?


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