The word copious is defined as abundant or plentiful. A while a ago I wrote a piece called I Belive, where I said I believed in copious amounts os premartital sex, though be very choosy. I have to laugh at that line now. I do, in a way…it was meant to mean that you if you truly love someone, you should give and share yourself to them completely, enjoy them in every way.

I have never had a one night stand, never had multiple partners, never have had, nor do I believe in ‘friends with benefits’ and my ‘number’ is quite low by most standards. I do not go out to bars, I do not talk to strange men, I stay home alone most Saturday nights. Yes, indeed I am quite boring by many standards.

But I have loved completely, joyfully and with my whole heart and in that love, given myself completely to another. And in that there is no shame. There are many pieces of lingerie and accessories that have never been seen by anyone other than myself or and have never been used. Make no mistake, I am a relationship girl through and through. Which is I laugh at that one line now.

And now, I am surrounded by men and yes I have no interest. They are very nice men, but they inspire nothing in me. For I am looking for someone extraordinary, and I will wait for that one man, to come into my life. He is out there somewhere, thought I have yet to meet him. I have never been the type to date just to have someone around. And I can take being lonely, that does not bother me. I cannot be disingenuous and fake it with someone, there is no honor in that.

And so I wait, for that one man I meet to strike, inspire and stir something deep within my soul. And for that one man alone, I wil be his, heart, mind, body and soul. And only for him will there be passion.


5 thoughts on “Copious

  1. Hey Ada
    I find it interesting that you wiht that genius level IQ hav made as big a mess in your choice of men as me and
    my sweetie have. I repeat my first advice and suggest that you pray that God deliver through divine intervention
    the man that you are supposed to be with. I speaki that from my sweetie’s house who has moved me in with her



    1. adalamar

      Yes I am praying for that every day…and one day it will happen, until then I am happy being alone. BTW, are you still in the same area? If not where are you moving? And congrats!! 🙂


    1. adalamar

      Yes, I am sure that he is out there somewhere. And I will wait for who ever that turns out to be. THe thing is is that once you have really felt it and know what it is lsike, you really do not want to settle for anything less.


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