A Good Sign

I read this and it describes exactly where I am today, in this moment, in this life. Enjoy and show love blogger love for Hannah, Just Breathe… http://hannahjustbreathe.wordpress.com/2012/03/25/it-is-a-good-sign-when/


It’s a Good Sign When…

…you start to feel the ground beneath you again, after drifting offshore for so very long.

And when you notice the time has passed, and you are glad for its passage.  Thankful, really, because each day away from that one particular day is a step in the right direction.

Or when you catch yourself in a smile that pulls from the depths of you, because you are, in that moment, truly and radiantly happy and alive and beaming—and sharing that moment with someone whose face reflects the same.

It is a good sign when you don’t ache for what you no longer have.

Rather, it is a most wonderful sign.  Because you realize all—all—that is still ahead and waiting for your arrival.


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