The Beautiful Unexpected, Baggage and Reunions

Sometimes the most wonderful things happen when we least expect them. It could be running into an old friend, finding a great pair of shoes on sale, or even finding someone really special. That is the wonderful thing about life, there is beauty in the unexpected. And maybe that is part of God’s plan, to keep us on our toes and make us smile.

I think it is a particularly sweet  gift when we find that beautiful unexpected thing. We work so hard in our lives, between work, family, and just life, that to have that gift come out of the blue is extra special.


Baggage. The word has such a negative connotation, especially when it comes to relationships.  But when is baggage not really baggage? Many times I think. The fact is is that life happens, and most of the time it’s not baggage, it’s just life. We all have issues, we all get scared, we all have bad days and bad times. Because we all have had, by the time you reach a certain age, relationships and marriages, family issues, made mistakes and been embarrassed. Life is messy and you cannot live life and never have any bad experiences, or failures, or issues. And no man is an island.

So maybe instead of seeing it as a negative, maybe it is better to look at it as a life well lived. Live life the best way you can, be the best person you can, and claim your baggage. Because maybe it tells more positive things about you then you would ever think.


Summer is coming and it is the season for family reunions, mine family being no exception. We usually have 2 reunions a year, one for my father’s siblings, and then one for the siblings and cousins. This year is going to huge. It is coming in May and there will be many more cousins than every before.

This past year, my family lost two very much loved uncles. And in celebrating them, our family has expended to their families too. We just did not want funerals to be the only time we saw each other.

My family usually hosts the reunions, and they enjoy it so much. This year will be so very special as so many will be attending, and it will truly be a celebration and salute to those wonderful people we lost last year. What better way to honor them, than to celebrate that which truly made them the happiest – family?



2 thoughts on “The Beautiful Unexpected, Baggage and Reunions

  1. Ada, you really are blessed to still have an old-fashioned extended Southern family! Let’s not even go there when it comes to all the foods that will get us off our diets, okay? Lots of extra workouts will be needed, I guarantee you! I remember family reunions in my childhood where there would be well over 100 folks present! And your family is blessed to have that wonderful compound by the lake where all can gather in beauty and comfort! So pleased for you.


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