The Courage of Prayer

“You must pray and have the courage to ask God for what you want and need, then have the faith to know that God’s answer will be what is best.”

I was talking to a friend about faith and praying. I confided in her that I prayed for whatever He deemed best to happen. I did not really pray for what I wanted, because who knew if that was Gods Will? She looked at me very serious and said the quote above. She explained to me that to not ask God for what we want, then have Faith that what happens is what must be, is a lack of faith.

The starkness of the statement startled me. I had always considered myself a faithful person, so hearing that stung. But she was right. Just as children go to their parents and ask, so should we of God. And just like that child knows their parents love them regardless of the answer, so we should know too of God.

My prayers changed ever since that day and conversation. In addition to my regular prayers, I add a few at the end, just for me. And then I trust, have faith and wait. His answers always come.


2 thoughts on “The Courage of Prayer

  1. Yes, we are taught in Scripture to ask of Our Heavenly Father, what we will! Then, we follow the example of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, “Not my will, but Thine be done.”


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