Perspective and Shelter in the Storm

We all have those places we go, for shelter in the storm, for perspective, for comfort, That place we when all else fails and we need to recharge. Lucky for me, that place is home, as in the family compound in South Georgia, where my parents live. And no matter what it is that is going on, I always gain perspective here, in this place, filled with love and warmth.

Sometimes we get so caught up in ourselves and our own insecurities that we need a reality check. The reality check came when I saw a weather map for the first time yesterday, and saw the many tornadoes. I knew some storms were passing through, but only when I saw the weather map, with the deep reds and purples, did I realize…Yet I had barely seen any rain on my drive down the the family compound.

And suddenly all I had been stressed over seemed so insignificant next to the terrible storms.

And as I walk around the family compound this weekend, walk around the land, the houses, the water, the boats, hopefully go fishing with my Dad, I am reminded of that perspective. Take a look around sometimes, and not get so focused on one thing that you loose your perspective. It is that perspective that reminds about what it truly the most important to me – family. Which why I keep returning here for perspective and shelter from life’s storms.


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