Bannana Pudding

There is a song by Jack Johnson called Banana Pancakes. It talks about how it’s raining outside, why not just stay in and he will make the girl some Banana pancakes. Great song, and a wonderful thing to do if you are with that special someone. However, this weekend, it is all about the Banana pudding.

My father loves Banana pudding, and my mom loves to make it for him. Especially since I love her Banana pudding too. So she and I head to the kitchen to make it. Her recipe is quite involved. Actually, hers is the only recipe I have made, so I don’t know if it’s just her recipe, or if Banana pudding just takes forever to make.Finally it is done and has to cool.

While it cools I go and help my father with is to do list in the outside kitchen. We call it the outside kitchen, but it is really a separate building that is a kitchen and screened in patio. It is wonderful for summer cookouts as the grill is located right outside the patio, and a fire pit just a bit away for marshmallow roasts and ghost stories with my nephews and neighborhood children. He and I work on his to do list. As a Daddy’s girl, I love helping him with projects and going fishing. It has been raining, as the tail end of all those storms that went through Atlanta last night make their way through here today. There will be no fishing later.

And finally we are done. My Dad does not know about the surprise we made for him earlier. When we come in, Mom shows him the huge container holding his favorite food in the world. Yes, family and banana pudding are so good for the soul. I look them and am so thankful that they both survived incurable cancer. Mom, stage 4+ Ovarian cancer, and Dad, liver cancer. I am so blessed beyond measure. Two walking miracles, who happen to be my parents, who just happen to be the best parents in the world, who happen to love me very much.

So many times in life it is the little things that end up with significant meaning. Such a small thing, and yet every time I think about it, I smile because I think of my family. And there are a thousand little things we have in our lives that remind us of our blessings, our wonderful memories, our laughter, loved ones and good times. And that is worth more than all the gold in the world.

Why yes, I’ll have some more pudding…



3 thoughts on “Bannana Pudding

  1. Hey ‘Ada
    If you will excuse the comment, I don’t care for your new style of blog face, it is way
    too cold and clinical. That is not who you are, just sahing.

    Blessings on you and yours


  2. Wonderful family times around the grilling and the chores and the banana pudding. My mother made SUCH terriffic banana pudding. It was a highlight of many spring, summer and early autumn family times in Mississippi “back in the day”!


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