Happy Home

We all have those times, or maybe it’s just age, where we are just happy at home. It is a Saturday night, I have several invitations for activities, and yet I am happy at home.  Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy going out, catching up with friends, nice dinners, a night dancing, live music and such. But lately, I have graciously declined many of these invitations for the option to stay at home, read, watch some TV, work on projects, or have a small group of friends over. And these day I seems to favor smaller get togethers rather than large ones.

And it is true, I will see a friend this week at a small happy hour get together, but passed on her invitation to attend her large birthday party tonight. Maybe it is due to the fact that I am redefining myself socially, reshaping my group of friends and the kind of people I have in my life. Maybe it is because of many things.  Maybe that is because while I know many, many people, I only have a small group of close friends. Reguardles of the reason however, there truly seems to be no place like home. I cooked a great meal, shared it with family, watched a little TV, laughed a lot, did some house work, and a lot of talking. And right now, that is just heaven. Right now, happiness is grounded in home family and faith.


One thought on “Happy Home

  1. Sounds like a truly joyous and restorative Saturday evening to me! You seem to be making excellent choices these days, for who you truly are in the essence of “Ada”! Hooray!


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