What I Like

I like eating at hole in the wall places

I like talking about nothing and everything.

I like the easy flow of energy and comfort.

I like to be kissed…often and by someone who knows how.

I like hearing a voice that makes me smile.

I like having my hand kissed, it makes me melt.

I like cooking with someone.

I like just hanging out and watching TV.

I like adventuring and hiking.

I like laughing.

I like feeling a hand in mine.

I like hearing silly corny jokes.

I like kissing in the rain.

I like feeling warmth next to me.

I like socks.

I like beautiful sunsets and umbrella drinks.

I like the feel of you.

I like ice cream.

I like soft bath robes.

I like sitting on the screened porch in the rain.

I like you.

And I want to know more.



3 thoughts on “What I Like

  1. Your comment about socks and stealing socks just reminded me of piece that I read about women being able to climax or not. They said, (research) that women with cold feet have a hard time climaxing but if you put socks on them and warm up their feet their abilty to climax improves dramatically. Just thought that you would like to know. Keep wearing those socks girl, who knew it was so good for you?
    Blessings on you and yours


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