The Heart of the Matter

It is Ada’s Day of pampering. Started off by sleeping late, then a delicious breakfast, then a manicure, then a massage, then a haircut and style. Yes, this is a day long over due…months over due actually. I slept like a log, but not much keeps me from a good nights sleep, woke up happy and hungry. I am excited today, for my day of pampering.

We all want to feel special and significant. We all want to feel the healing power of the human touch. Of gentleness and thoughtfulness. And I don’t mean in a sexual way. I mean in the basic human way. We all want to feel like we matter. That our thoughts matter, our feelings matter, our lives matter. Because it does, it all does, and we matter. I matter.

For a while I shut down and shut off. Everything. But today is a new day, and that is the great thing about tomorrow, it is a new day too. Today, I matter and tomorrow too. Not because someone says I do, but because deep down, I say I do.

And that is why today excites me. Because today I am not shut down. Or tomorrow either. I am opening up to the world again, after a bit of a break. Oh, I imagine I will still be uncomfortable with the whole vulnerable thing, I always have been. I don’t like being the first to say something, the first to stick their neck or heart out there. I will still be cautious in matters of the heart, fast will still make me nervous, actions will still speak louder than words, and the proof is what is in front of you. I will still trust and bond over those small physical signs of affection, I will still have doubts and fears.  But…

But, today is my day of pampering. Because, at the heart of the matter, we all deserve to matter. We all deserve to be pampered, just a little. Because, at the heart of the matter, our heart does matter, just as much as our head and brains.


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