Learnign to Tell Time

Something I have noticed as of late is that people assume if you are a woman of a certain age, and are not married with children, you must in in a hurry to obtain these things. This is not always true, For instance, I have not heard a peep out of my biological clock, and I am of a certain age, never been married of had children. Do I want those things? Well, eventually yes, but I am no hurry. To me it is silly to talk about those things just yet.


I have said for years that I think my clock just might be broken because I have heard nothing from it. Or maybe I am just too pratical. For me, talking about marriage and having a family is a bit like putting the cart before the horse. It just seems impractical to think about these things before I have fallen in love. When anyone, man or woman, makes marriage and children the focus before love, it is bound to be a disaster. This is when people settle for less than what they want and end up being unhappy. It makes more sense to fall in love first, then think about the rest.
So let me fall in love first…then if marriage comes along, OK, we can discuss it then. And to be honest, who doesn’t want to fall in love? Who doesn’t want to be in love and loved in return? As I have written many times before, I think sometimes we go about life rather backwards. We go after the goal instead of how we want it to feel. We set goals of a carreer, money, things to have, even relationships…except we forget to think about how we want everything, our life, to feel. Many times when people accomplish the goals they set, and feel dissapoinged when it is not fulfilling.
Speaking from a scientific standpoint, there is no reason for women to be in a hurry. Science has made it possible to have a child wothout a husband, or even male partner for that matter. So why would the woman be in a hurry to be married? Why not wait to fall in love? So to me the whole biological clock argument makes so sense.
So go after how you want it to feel, and the rest will fall into place. Maybe that is why I am not worried or in a hurry. Do I want it, sure. But first I want to be in love, and as I have also said before, that takes time. So there is no rushing it, at least from my point of view. Enjoy life, and they way it feels. When you follow what makes you happy, the rest will always fall into place, in it’s own time.

5 thoughts on “Learnign to Tell Time

  1. I am on you Ada, for me marriage is very sacred and you said it right we should fall in love first, this is the reason why my nephew lives with me I don’t wanna get pressured with all of this because of my age hahaha


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