Let the Celebrating Begin!

Yes, it is my birthday weekend – yay! Actually, it is my birthday month, but having a bad cold kind of delayed the start until now. This weekend started by heading to a favorite local pub with live southern blues music. Some wine, good food, good company and good music, and I was a happy girl. Tomorrow it is getting my tags (blah) and spending the day, and rest of the weekend, adventuring around town.

The adventure of trying new things continued tonight as Lamb Kabobs where delivered to the table as appetizers. This is not something I would normally order, but when my nephew told me they were good I decided to take the risk. They were indeed tasty and I am glad I tried them. That’s two new things this week.

Packages have started to arrive from The Man, and I promised him I would not open them until he told me to. It is torture, and he knows it. I have not resisted the urge to shake the packages though. Unfortunately, they are very solidly packed and therefore, no noises come from within when shaken. He laughed when I told him and said that he gave special instructions for them not to rattle. I then preceded to tell him what a cruel, cruel man he was for torturing a Southern lady such as I.

Life is good and I am a happy birthday girl.

8 thoughts on “Let the Celebrating Begin!

  1. lifeandothermisadventures

    Happy birthday! Sounds like you’re celebrating in style, for sure! I love going out to places and listening to the blues. What were the lamb kabobs like? Are they spicy?


    1. adalamar

      Thank you! Hopefully a little more style will be added each year. πŸ™‚ The Lamb Kabobs were a little spicy, and did not taste gamey at all. They also had had sprinkles of Feta Cheese one them and a great Greek style dipping sauce. Yummy!


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