New Post

There it is, stairing at me…the words New Post. The fact is that sometimes I have nothing interesting to write. Some days it is simply:

  • Get up
  • Try not to trip over the cats as I walk down the stairs while half asleep.
  • Try to figure out how to work a small kitchen appliance like a coffee maker, without having had first cup of coffee
  • Go back upstairs without tripping over long silky robe.
  • Try to find pair of matching socks.
  • Try to find pair of matching shoes.
  • Try to find cell phone, purse and keys.
  • Try to not spill coffee on outfit, get to work at a reasonable hour (before 10:30am)
  • Compete all tasks and meetings before lunch
  • Try not to dribble lunch on already coffee stained outfit
  • Get to after-lunch meetings on time and do not fall asleep in food enduced coma
  • Try not to trip over feet at any point during the day
  • Do not burp or pass gas at any point during the day (at least within ear shot of another human being)
  • Find a source of chocolate
  • completel writing/editing tasks
  • Drive home and fall into large wine glass
  • Feed cats before they feast on my new shoes
  • empty litter box
  • Do more than think about working out while sitting on couch, drinking wine and inhaling dinner
  • Make trip into garage and llok at the Treadmill for a few minutes
  • Realize my shoes are in the car (a few steps from the treadmill)
  • Decide will work out tomorrow night
  • Return to couch and finish wine while watching the Big Bang Thoery
  • Fall asleep on couch
  • wake up at 2am, try to make it upstairs without tripping in halp alseep stupor
  • rinse, repeat.

OK, actually most of my days do not look anything like this at all, however some days I still do not have anything interesting to add to the universe of writing.  Some days there are all kinds of thoughts in my head and it just takes a while for it to all come together to be written. And yet other days, I cannot do anything but write, and everything written is brilliant (or so I tell myself).

And so it is with writing. I didn’t think there is a wrong or right way, I think you just have to do it when it strikes you. To let it flow when it will – and that means having pen andpapaer everywhere. I cannot tell you how many snippets of thoughts I have written on napkins, sticky notes, pieces of paper, odd stationary, envelopes, paper bags, reciepts, anything I can get mu hands on. And they are stuffed in every purse, bags, tote, notebook, that I have.

All thoughts, little pieces of my heart, soul, life and purpose, spread out on these sheets, scattered throughout my life. All waiting for a New Post.

The fact of the matter is, is that my life is not that interesting (despite that fact that certain people cannot stop talking and gossipping about it). But even with a simple life of working, living, eating, breathing and loving, there is enough common ground to write about things everyone can relate to. We do not have to have similiar lives to relate to what someone writes, just similar feelings emotions or thoughts.

And that, to me, is what makes writing and reading blogs so fascinating. So there will always be a new post, because there will always be a feeling, an expereince, an emotion to write about in the very human expereince we call Life.


4 thoughts on “New Post

  1. Hey Ada
    I too used to do that and then lost or misplaced those papers. For my new years resolution I got a small pocket sized notebook to write in and it keeps everything together.

    You need to work out, it clears the cobwebs and you will actually have more energy.
    Besides not working out can put on weight which you don’t want for your new guy.



  2. Ada, I have totally ruined the outfit I am wearing, dribbleing coffee and nearly peeing my pants laughing at your list of one of your days as posted above! May I please use some of this to signify the true bonkerliness (as Angela Grace so brilliantly says) of some of my critters and unfolk in my adult fairytale series, which you have been introduced to on my blog. Thanks so much for becoming an official follower! Journey along with us Eastware, where we endeavor to receive enough light to wipe anyway any shadows and wrinkles and left from back West!


    1. adalamar

      Hi Granbee, so glad you enjoyed the post! Yes, I would be honored for you to use some of the list in your writing! How exciting! 🙂 And I look forward to the journey…


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