Into Another World

Tonight was spent with family, especially my nephews. Middle nephew shared his poetry with me tonight, told me of his inspirations and muses. He filled me in on the back story of each piece. It was wonderful. I am always so thrilled to be a part of their young world. They always teach me so much and I am constantly amazed at their depth and intelligeance.

Tomorrow he wants me to meet his girlfriend…if I promised not to embarras him with stories of when he was a baby. I agreed and said I would save them for another day…


4 thoughts on “Into Another World

    1. adalamar

      Thank you. I feel the same way. I have 3 nephews and just treasure the time I have with them. They are fascinating individuals and I enjoy getting to know them. 🙂

      Awesome that you have your nephew living with you, what a treat!


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