The Dental Floss Net of Doom and Other Tales of Having a Big Sister

When you have siblings, you often have adventure and funny stories. My older sister and I definitely had that. Growing up with my sis was…very interesting. Actually I loved it. She is four years older than I, which meant growing up, she was always light years ahead of me in intellect, maturity and education. This made me idealize her. She was the smartest person in the world (except for Mom, but nothing can beat Mom-sense). But we fought, all the time and then we made up.

And we were pranksters. All the time. I remember opening my bedroom door only to have a bucket full of water fall on my head. Yes, just like it does on TV…only the water was much colder than it looks on TV.  When Mom banned buckets of water from being strung up above a persons door, she went to putting buckets of confetti.

Then there was the Zip-Line Tree Incident. My sister and I were tom boys and always climbing trees, they couldn’t keep us out of them. So my parents gave up the fight and just started giving us things to make tree climbing more fun. I love my parents!  Mom and Dad had gotten us one of those zip line things to put up around the trees in our yard. Well, it was time to try these new zip line things. After I started zipping on the first one, I yelled out to my sister…”How do I stop?”  She yelled back, “Don’t worry about it, you’ll stop when you hit the tree.”  Yes, I did.

Then there was the infamous Bathroom prank that went terrible amuck. My sister, being brilliant, patient and particular, took the time to make a net. Out of dental floss. And rigged it to fall on some unsuspecting person(me) who came in the bathroom. But this wasn’t just any net, no, that would not be good enough for my over achieving big sis. Sis can hand tat lace, seriously. So this was not your every day, run of the mill, your sister makes a net out of dental floss net. No.This was the Dental Floss Net of Doom(!)….it was huge and it was the kind that only got tighter the more you struggled with it, until you were one big knot of dental floss. I imagine it is similar to getting caught in a spider’s web.  It was brilliant. Unfortunately, it was my mother who was caught in that net of deadly dental floss. I say deadly because Mom swore she was going to kill my sister once she got out of it. But that took a bit of time.

Yes, growing up with Big Sis was an adventure…though I am not sure if it was more of an adventure for me or my parents. Either way, there are many stories and much laughter.


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