Sitcom Moment #37…Oh Christmas Tree

Written a few years ago and thought I would share. Enjoy!

This year I could not wait to put up my Christmas tree, so last night I broke out the new artificial one (the cat peed on the one last year, so had to throw it away).  As I weaved the lights in and out of the limbs on the tree, my heart filling with the joy and excitement that only the season can provide, I noticed the light strand was a bit tangled.

Now, if you find yourself in this situation, please, unplug the lights before untangling.  I did not do this and found myself temporarily blinded when finished and looked back up at the tree.  Well, in the true spirit of a Pinktank (my nickname), I tripped over where the lights were plugged into the wall – falling, blindly, flailing, into the Christmas tree.

As the tree and I not so gracefully fell to the floor, I could hear “Chestnuts Roasting…” playing in the background.  When the fall had been completed, I was tangled in a combination of lights, light chords and Christmas tree limbs.  Surely anyone watching would have died laughing, as I clumsily tried to stand up, still attached to the tree; it jerking and moving in ways that are completely unnatural for an artificial tree, and I spitting out plastic needles.  The cats had run into the corner, shaking in fear that this Christmas tree monster might come and eat them (maybe this will be enough to keep them out of it).

I did finish decorating the tree and no ornaments were harmed…can’t say the same for the tree. It is now a little lopsided and leans a bit to the left.

Maybe Santa will put some Grace in my stocking…


5 thoughts on “Sitcom Moment #37…Oh Christmas Tree

    1. adalamar

      Yes I hear you…it is just not safe for me to be around the tree…

      He helped decorate teh tree at my parents place over Thanksgiving and it was so much fun. He is very tall and could reach all the way to the top. 🙂


  1. Cyberfriend from NJ

    LOVE IT! My mother’s nickname was always “Grace” for the same exact reasons. Years ago, when she was in her late teens, her brother-in-law owned a bakery and she would go in to help on Sunday morning after church. ENTIRE trays of jelly donuts hit the dust regularly. My uncle would say, “Ummm.. GRACE, think maybe you can stick to the register and stay away from the FOOD?”

    Enjoy your holiday preparations!


    1. adalamar

      Haha, at least I am not the only one! There are just some of us who missed that serving of Grace…but at least it makes for some funny stories!


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