Quick Note to Subscribers

First, thank you for subscribing and I hope you enjoy what you read. Second, let me just appologize now for all the spelling errors and typos.  I am a great writer, but bad speller and typo’s will be the death of me. These are usually discovered after I hit the publish button. Because then I go back and review for errors. The result is that my subscribers get an email of the post that is full of errors, but the website has fewer mistakes.

Just one of my (many) adorable quirks!


6 thoughts on “Quick Note to Subscribers

      1. Well when I cook I don’t clean as I go, I am in the process of creating and cleaning as you go is more about being an anal retentive and not being creative. I feel the same about my writing. Once I start writing the words just leak out of my fingers at a very fast clip and I hit send before going back to do spell check. I feel your pain


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