Adventures in Barbados

The Crane on the CliffsEalier this year I embarked on a 12 day trip to the Caribbean. For 3 days of that time I spent in the wonderful, beautiful land of Barbados. First, just flying into Barbados is a beautiful experience, as the airport is open and has tropical gardens along the walkways. Getting a cab is easy, and all you need to do is say where you are staying and they will promptly get you there.  The people are very friendly and are heppy to help with any questions you have.

I stayed at a great place called The Crane ( I truly cannot say enough great things about this place at all, and if you go, do consider staying there. A beautiful hotel overlooking dramatic cliffs on one side, and one of the worlds top ten beaches on the other, it is a fantastic place to “get away”.

The Crane

With a modest history starting in 1769, the area and The Crane, have been known to be one of the most beautiful on the island. In 1867, it became the first resort in Barbados and has been a place of beauty and rest ever since.

Upon arrival you will notice that security is very tight, as I had to go through 4 checkpoints before getting to the front desk. As a woman traveling alone, this made me feel very safe. After signing in my bags were taken to a wonderful, huge suite. It is called the Jr. Suite and it is truly one of the most beautiful rooms I have stayed in, and I have been to quite a few luxurious places.
The Crane BeachThe property its self is absolutely amazing, and one of the most romantic places I have ever been. There are lots of little nooks for private conversations, long walks, dips in the many pools, and more. It is a family friendly place though, so if you are an exhibitionist, I would recommend another resort. The entire island of Barbados is very family friendly, so much so that wearing a bathing suit is frowned upon unless you are actually on the beach and nude sunbathing is outlawed. It is the perfect placc to vacation with family or that someone special, for a honeymoon or even a wedding.
***And if you are thinking about a wedding, I would very highly reccomend The Crane. They only have one The Crane Sunsetwedding per day, so what every you need, they are available and ready to handle it. And you have the entire resort to plan. There are three spots in which to choose; the beach, the gardens and the cliffs. All three are beautiful. The weddin gplanner Keisha is a joy to work with and very accomidating. Two things to keep in mind though – first, everythiing moves in what I call “island time.” That means no one is in a hurry. So if you email them and it takes a few days to hear back, don’t worry. They got it. Second, they have a very strict cancellation policy. You must giveat least a 30 day notice of cancellation to recive any refund. If you give less than a 30 day notice, all deposites and payments made are lost – for the service, the rooms, everything. So be sure before you book it.
I never left The Crane, as my stay there was very short. I have heard form others who have been to Barbados that the island is truly beautiful with many things to see. WHne i go back I hope to visit more of the island, but one thing is for sure, I will stay at The Crane.  And if you do, I hope you enjoy your stay as much as I did. Enjoy!

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