A Recipe and a Trip


Seeing a recipe for Caribbean Stewed Saltfish on http://iamsimplytia.com/ made me think of my own trip to the Caribbean this past summer. Though the circumstances for the trip were pretty horrible, the trip its self was wonderful. I want to return to those wonderful places, this time with a few friends (or even family). And I especially loved the Island Of Bequai (pronounced Beck – way). This is where I hope to spend a month writing, enjoying the locals, the rum shacks and the music.

Getting to this little island is not hard, but not easy either. you must fly to Puerto Rico, Barbados or St.


Vincent. From Barbados (which is where I flew into) or Puerto Rico, you must take a charter plane to the island. From St. Vincent you take a ferry.If you take one of the charter planes, be ready to make a few stops to pick up other passengers. The stops on small islands and only take a few minutes. Personally I enjoyed the “island hopping”, and there is nothing like taking off right from a cliff.

Friendship Bay Bequai

The plane tickets are a bit expensive, as I bought two originally. Here is a travel tip: I got theΒ  tickets cheaper with them being Non-refundable and non transferable…and a call to the airline can verify this little money saving trick. Just be sure of the dates if you do this because a heavy fee is incurred if your travel dates change. Also, be sure of your travel partners with a non transferable ticket, because if whoever you travel with cannot go, you cannot give it to someone else or use it yourself later. If you are not sure of dates or travel partners, best to pay a little extra for refundable, transferable tickets. Even with those tips, airfare was about $2,000 total, or $1,000 per person. Again be sure of dates and partners, as I had to eat the money for that ticket when the person who was to go was detained and could not leave the country.

Once there on Bequai, I was greeted by a wonderful man at customs. He stamped my passport and said “Welcome to paradise.” Indeed, I was there.Β  This little island is a wonderful gem of a spot – out of the way, tropical, not much crime and very affordable. But be prepared to really get away – cell phone reception is not always good and resources can be a bit spotty. But you will see some of the most spectacular sunsets you have ever seen in your life. But that is a small price to pay. I stayed there a total of 4 days, and out of all the places I visited while on that vacation, this little island was my favorite spot. I even met a fellow writer while there. We were both stuck in a rainstorm (they don’t last very long there) and were in a sandwich shop. We started talking and I found out he was a writer who sailed around the Caribbean. I told him he was living out my dream.

And I told him I would see him again upon my return and we could compare stories of when we last met. I look forward to that conversation, and that beer.


8 thoughts on “A Recipe and a Trip

  1. Oh so close to me when flying into Puerto Rico….the US Virgin Islands are only 35 miles away from PR… I go to Puerto Rico to take a break from my own little island paradise and to give depth to the needs of shopping, eating, and a sense of adventure… too bad I couldn’t have shown you the amazing walled fortresses and small hints of regal Spain’s influence.

    It’s an amazing place…



    1. adalamar

      I LOVE Puerto Rico. It is such an amazing place and I fell in love with it from the moment I arrived. The people are so vibrant and the architecture beautiful. The rain forest is also beautifl and I was able to swim in a waterfall while visiting. The water was cold but what an expereince!

      I have been thinking of planning a weekend gettaway sometime this year. If I make it down there I’ll have to see about some of that Southern Hospitality…


  2. That’s where I’m from St Vincent and the Grenadines and if I may correct you, it’s Bequia ( a lot of folks write it Bequai but that’s incorrect)…

    Very beautiful photos. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. I can’t wait for them to finish the International airport because when I travel home it’s so much of a hassle having to transfer to smaller planes in Barbados or Trinidad. I just want to fly directly. The international airport they say should be done in 2014 but I’m going home to visit next summer when they have their annual carnival. Now that’s something special.

    Your writing is intriguing!


    1. adalamar

      I always misspell Beguia! I am terrible at spelling (as you can see in my posts) and the spellchecker actually marks both wrong so I am never sure…

      I never made it to St. Vincent, but was told is is beautiful as well and has more available. I am glad they are building a new airport. I bought memberships to a couple of travel clubs while there and plan to return to the Carribean as often as I can. After all, adventure awaits! πŸ™‚


  3. The greenest of the island chains? Dominica… raw and really beautiful… St Vincent is amazing…but let’s not forget the sweet people of St Lucia…always smiling…

    And for the ultra-spoiled mode in life:? St Barts….bring your piggy bank, and don’t think you’re leaving with much left in it…

    St Maartin (that’s the Dutch and Caribbean method to spell it), is amazing with a French side and a Dutch side with an overtone of Caribbean culture…rich in tradition and fun…

    This weekend for me? St John, and the BVI…Tortola, Virgin Gorda, and Norman Island… pray for good sailing weather!

    the modern pirate….



    1. adalamar

      I almost went to Dominica a few years ago. I still want to go and there is a waterfall I want to swim in. I have been to Aruba, Bahama’s, Puerto Rico and the Grenadines, and would love to see the islands you mention as well.

      Sounds like a great weekend! Have many adventures, post some pictures, and try not to drink too much rum – but have a drink for me.



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