The Healing Beauty of Men

Tonight I went for a massage. Originally I did this once a month as a treat for myself, but now I do it to keep my neck and back from hurting so badly as neither one has been the same since the attack.And as I lay on the table, my wonderful male massage therapist working his magic rubbing the toxins, stiffness and soreness out of my back and neck area, I was very comfortable with his hands around me. And my mind wondered to far off places as he healed my body with his hands.

Recently someone told me that they were surprised that I was not bitter and distrustful of all men, since the attack. They said that being distrustful was a normal reaction to the brutal violence I had experienced, but that I seemed to have no problem trusting others, even men. But to me I seems like common sense – if that kind of violence was normal in men, I would have seen it before now, at 38. Common sense would tell you that is my ex, not all  men.

Most men, I believe are truly wonderful. And they have been very good to me. I think of my father, most ex boyfriends, my current boyfriend, my doctors who have taken such good care of me, my massage therapist in that session. All of them have healed me in one way or another.

Men were given superior strength to protect and heal, not to abuse or destroy. And men are truly wonderful, fantastic, amazing creatures, who make our lives, and the earth a better place. I know my ex does not represent even .5% of who and what is out there, and that is a healing thought in itsself.

So here is to the good guys…thank you and yes, the nice guys do finish first. 🙂

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