My Lover’s Chest

My Lover’s chest
is the perfect pillow
for which to lay my head
to feel a heartbeat, strong and true
to take the walls down and rest.

My lover’s chest is the warmth of a soul
a place of safety
to lay my troubles down
and have a tear wiped away
replacing what another stole.

My Lover’s chest is a happy place
where laughter lives
and late night talks
and where I nuzzle the chest hair
soft on my face.

My lover’s chest is where I sleep
warm, secure, safe and sound
where nothing can harm me
a place that envelopes me
and where my heart will keep.

My Lover’s chest is Heaven sent
reminding me of all the love
all the kindness in the world
that is right at my fingertips
it is comfort and contentment.

Ada – 11/05/2011


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