You Who

You Who Has

You who dried my tears and gently bushed the hair away from my face.

You who held me while I sobbed, comforted me in my fear and darkness.

You who has been kind and patient, compassionate and empathetic.

You who has said many words, but has actually shown me through actions.

You who has made me laugh and enjoy little moments.

You who has told me you are not going anywhere.

You who said you can take it, while holding me tightly.

You who has cleansed me of old dirt and crime left from the impurities of others.

You who has shown me that true kindness still exists.

You who tenderly looks at me in the darkness and light and smiles.

You who tells me I am beautiful and worth waiting for.

You who has more integrity and compassion than most can even imagine

You, yes you, you deserve the best of me.

Ada 11/27/2011


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