Days of the New

This holiday has been great and wonderful. My family has been together and everyone is be is happy and doing well.  My nephews are growing like weeds and all doing well in c school.  My parents are happy and healthy, my father getting the final words on his cancer from Emory next week. There was much laughter, much delicious food, lots of eating, drinking and merriment. We sat out to talk and laugh by the new fire pit. There was taking the boat out and enjoying the beauty of all the nature that surrounds us.

There was putting up the family Christmas tree and telling the stories of all the old ornaments my mother has had and collected for so many years.  We all have our favorite ornaments and we love unwrapping the little delicate creations to find on that we have enjoying looking at in the tree. And this year, there was my guest, who at 6’4” could reach all the high branches the tiniest of ornaments needed to hang.

And he has been an absolute joy on this trip. It has been wonderful to have him here with us and he just fit right in with the family.  It is really this trip where I see how off my judgment was with my ex. But how was I too know that my Ex’s physical presence and energy would be so awful? He did not present himself to be one who had to be in complete control and from the moment he walked in to my home he tried to take over and tell my family what to do, how to do it and when. I had to remind him several times that this is my family and he conforms to us, as I would not ever be so presumptuous as to try to change his family or the way they do things. I think of how This Thanksgiving would Have been with the ex with my family and it would have been unbearable as he would have tries to control every thing.

My guest has been kind and gracious, respectful and has thoroughly enjoyed being around my family, as he says our families are very similar. I look forward to meeting his parents and siblings soon. If they are anything like he is, I will no doubt enjoy them very much.  My guest very much wants to relationship with me, and I think I have made up my mind. I trust my judgment of him.

I did not misjudged my ex at all, I believed him to be what he pretended to be, I trusted that he would tell the truth, and in the process he was able to con me, long distance over the internet. It is easy to pretend you are anything online. I trusted another human being, I took a chance, ended up being a target, but I took the chance. I will be smarter next time, but I release myself form the guilt of not seeing or being smarter. My ex was a consummate con man. I am not his first con, not the first woman he has abused, nor will I be his last.

My guest, I know him. And I like him. And I think I want to see where this goes.

2 thoughts on “Days of the New

  1. Cyberfriend from NJ

    “Slow & steady” …. Your “guest” sounds good for you. Ask God to guide you in your way and bestow His blessings on the relationship.

    I have been blessed with 25 years of a wonderful marriage. From the time I was 16 until I married my husband, my nightly prayer to God was for Him to “send me the person with whom I can best work out my eternal salvation”… When you ask for something like that, how can He refuse? 😉

    -Cyberfriend from NJ…


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