The Best Thanksgiving Ever

There are certain times that are just more special than others.  Certain holidays that are so special and you will always remember them.  This is one of those holidays. As I t and sit and type, waiting for dinner to be ready, I look around the room. Everyone is smiling and there is the low sound of happy chatter.  My family truly loves each other and enjoy each others company. My 2 youngest nephews are so happy to see their oldest brother and they have been inseparable all weekend. My sister, mother and I have laughed more than we have ain a long time, and my guest and my dad have gotten along very well.

There is a happy hum of contenetment, and it feels wonderful.


2 thoughts on “The Best Thanksgiving Ever

  1. Cyberfriend from NJ

    Happy Thanksgiving from New Jersey… Sounds like you are having a well-deserved peaceful time with your family! Godspeed!

    -NJ Cyberfriend


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