Travel, it has been a goal for a long time, and for many of us it remains an ongoing goal. Always working toward the next trip, figuring out where to go and what to do.  The new  cultures, new people, new sights, smells, sounds and more. Yes indeed traveling can be intoxicating.

The new year is looking to be quite exciting in the area of travel. Now that I opened the door t and joined some wonderful travel clubs, I am getting ready to put many stamps on my Passport. Oh, those member ships were expensive, but the memories they bring in being able to travel very well all over the world is priceless.  There is another trip to Barbados planned. I fell in love with that country and it’s people.  And next year, when I return, there will be no bruises on my body, I will be hiding no injuries or in any pain, or on any pain medication.

There is also a trip to Belize planned. Such a beautiful country as well, and I hope to dive in the great blue whole. Getting certified in diving is a must and the excitement I feel is almost tangible. My family has friends in the government there, as well as many friends other friends there, so the stay is bound to be enjoyable.

A trip to Australia is a possibility as well. I have always wanted to go, and when the chance opportunity came around, I grabbed it. Still waiting to see if the time on that one will work, but keeping my fingers crossed.

There are smaller trips to be made in the next year as well.  Trips to Colorado to see friends, a trip on my best friends house boat.  Trips to the Carolina’s , Savannah, Tennessee (want to go to Nashville again, and maybe visit Knoxville). A trip to Vegas (though I may be getting too old to visit that city of no sleep, and I always seem to get into trouble there). There also maybe trips to Finland for work, or possibly Switzerland.  Really keeping my fingers crossed for those.  Also a slight chance at Brazil…Oh the adventures!!

So with any luck, this girl of Wanderlust will see more of the wonderful, beautiful world in the coming year.  I think I may need a bigger suitcase.


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