Big Anouncement

I have been getting a lot of questions recently…questions concerning the comments of a new addition to the family, my tummy bothering me, being dizzy, buying a house for children and such. Many people have been curious as to the reason and some have even asked me outright. So here is the official announcement.

For the record…No, I am not pregnant. Did not realize some things I had written could give this impression. Sorry for the confustion. There were a couple health issues, but they have turned out to be nothing serious.

To be honest, my love life has been rather boring, as there has only been one this entire year. I loved him and was faithful. I know, I am such a crazy rock star living a wild and scandalous rock star life. And that number will stay at one for the year, as I am not looking to jump into bed with anyone. I am a relationship kind of girl, always have been, always will be.

My plan is that if I have not found the man I want to spend the rest of my life with in the next few years, then I will have a baby on my own. That is why I am looking for a house to purchase in the not so distant future and why I know I will raise my children there (not because I am currently expecing). I hope to be married first, as I believe that a child deserves to be raised with both parents. And honestly, while I am a very independant woman, I do not want to be alone during that time. I want to expereince the miracle of being pregnant with my husband. I want him to feel the baby kick, to be able to run out and get things for my cravings, to expereince all the wonderful and not so wonderful things and all the tender moments that go with it. I do not want to be pregnant by myself. But I am not afraid to do it alone either.

So there it is. I am single, hopeful, not pregnant and looking for love…just like a million other women out there. And that is the big announcement.


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