Going to the Dogs

I am doing something which I have not done since I was a little girl. I am getting a dog. This is exciting and it makes me a little nervous.  I find out tomorrow if I am getting a Rottweiler or a pit bull – both are wonderful dogs and both will make great watch dogs. They will be trained to eat any and all intruders but be gentle with me and my family.

And it will be great to have to this first Christmas with a dog, watching over the entire family. Of course the most interesting thing will be seeing of there is room for me, the cats and the dog…I may need to get a king size bed! And who gets the couch…but then the loveseat is very comfortable as well.

I am a but nervous…we are happy, me and the kitties (I have two) So what happens when I bring another in?  The dynamic will chnage and it will take some time for all to mesh.  I hope it works, I hope the kitties will snuggle up to her and I get lots of corny pictures to share on FB. I hope to have a partner when taking my evening jog or an weekend hiking trip. Oh, and I can go to all those dog walk park activities now.  And then there is the annual blessing of the animals at church.

No doubt I have a lot to learn, as it has been a very long time since I was a little girl and had a dog. I wonder if taking a dog to a park is a good way to meet guys?  And what about to whole pooper scooper thing?  I’ll have to investigate that. And I will have to crate train her, make sure she is good with other dogs and such.

Yes life is all about new experiences. And maybe I am ready for a dog.


2 thoughts on “Going to the Dogs

  1. Hey Ada
    Get a Rotty instead of a pit bull. Pits are too unpredictable. You need to get a puppy and train obedience train it early and make sure that you let them know that you are the alpha and that you will not tolerate disobedience. This means swatting the dog. You also need to teach it to heal because walking the dog will be an endurance contest otherwise.



  2. NJ Cyberfriend

    German shepherds are also very trainable, loyal, and good with people.

    Me, I have a silly little shih tzu who THINKS he’s a Rotty. He THINKS he’s a tough boy. lol

    (and I think a dog is a fun way to meet people. 😉 )

    Good luck!
    – NJ Cyberfriend


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