Wedding Bliss and Horseback Riding

We all have those weekends where everything wonderful happens. One of those weekends that remind you of what is truly important in life and validates your faith and belief on all things good. And this was that kind of weekend for me.  First, I found that one of my dearest and oldest friends is getting married.  We have known each other for over 25 years, we have gone through reading Teen Magazine, zits, first kisses and trying not to get hit by the mobile library (long story).  We have had ups and downs, but through it all, we have remained friends. And I will be one of her bridesmaids (and honored to be so).

She has been there with me through some of life’s hardest times, and it is great to be able to be with her on her happiest day and share that joy and that day with her.  And to be there for the bridal showers, the bachlorette party (it’s going to be good). It made me think back to my own not wedding recently.  There were so many things that were wrong with it – aside from the fact he was a crazy violent, can’t manage money, can’t run a company, crook of a guy – so many things that I was having to give up.  For instance, always wanting to get married on November 21st, none of my family or friends were going to be there, No bridal shower, no bachlorette party. You sholudn’t have to give up that many things to get married. Thank God it did not work out.

Through sharing  the joy of others, sometimes we discover joy in the events of our own lives.  I planned a wonderful wedding, but it never would have been worth all that I had to give up. Let that be a lesson to myself. My friend and her happiness also inspires me.


part of what made this weekend so great was an excursion to the North Georgia Mountains  for horseback riding, eating and wine tasting.  As a Southern girl, I have been around a lot of horses, one of my best and oldest friends has a 600 acre horse farm, another of my good friends growing up owned many horses and we went riding often.  The riding trip today was through  the woods, well forest really.  It was beautiful and wonderful to trot through listening to the sounds of the woods, the crickets, the birds, the wind in the leaves, while riding.  Seeing the sunlight trickle down through the leaves was also beautiful.

And as I rode, silent, peaceful, through the woods, many thoughts ran through my head. Recent events, the future, the new year. This is the time where I take stock of  the past years and decide what I want for the next year. It is when I start thinking about goals and personal accomplishments I want. 2011 was professional and great year, but my personal life was a disaster. I would like 2012 to be a mixture of both. 2012, will be the year my book is published, the year I get certified for scuba diving, the year I get that camera and start seriously doing more photography. I will also go back to Barbados and on the cruise, to smile, laugh, suck lobsters and sick pirates asses.  It will also be the year that I am fearless.

This will be my year to find the deeper aspects of life that I have been searching, because I will be returning to my heart.  I am returning to that which is important to me. We have the power to build the life that we want. That does not mean that things will always go as planned, and maybe even things will get bad…but we still have the power to hope, to work, to build everything back that we want in life. And that is what 2012 means to me.

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