Something More

We all have those times in our lives where, after a rough patch, the tide seems to turn and things go more than your way. That is where I am now.  The publisher likes and seems to want to publish my book – Yay!!!!  Still much to work out and still in the baby stages, but things look great. Also, this project is coming to and end and there are several other even more lucrative deals are being signed. I am embarking on a new flirtation…which is enough for now and deliciously fun. And he is deliciously fun. And I am scheduling a wonderful trip back to the Caribbean, with wonderful company.

Finally the clouds have broken and the light is flowing down upon me.  And it is truly a glorious thing. And even my skin and hair seems to be glowing, my friends are amazing and loyal and my Christmas tree is going up. Company this weekend and much celebrating of life. Horseback riding, wine tasting and great eating great food.

Even with all that, there is a thought. There much be something more. All this is not enough.  I search for what is larger and more important than myself, than my life. And where should I find it? I am not sure. But I am looking every so slowly and shyly. I am contemplating a move, though not sure where. Seattle has always seemed intriguing…so have several other places. Maybe a change of scenery to build a new foundation for a life with deeper meaning.

Either way, life is good and I am once again, happy.


2 thoughts on “Something More

    1. adalamar

      Thank you John. It was jsut a date, nothing more, but it feels good to be trying again. I have no idea what it may or may not leasd to, and even it is only a first date, I am lucky and proud to have tried.


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