The World Series

The World Series is not something I have ever really been interested in. I do not follow sports. The last time I watched the World Series Was when the Braves played against the Cleveland Indians in 1996 (I think). This year I watched because of a large group of my friends. I am a social person, and one of my best friends came into town and is staying with me. IT has been great to have her here and plat host. There is something so wonderful to me about having people over.  I love having enough food, drink, beds, blankets and towels for everyone. Yes I know it sounds crazy, but it makes me smile. It even makes me walk on my tiptoes.

So we watched the Worlds Series…and they team I was routing for lost.  And that’s OK, because I won. I was there with a large group of my wonderful friends, sharing, laughing, enjoying life. It was so much more than a game. So very much more. We all feel a need to have a home. A physical home and an emotional home. And it truly is a wonderful thing when the two combine.

Life is good and I am happy.

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