The Perfect Little Things

I have long had a theory about life. Well, actually I have several theories about life, but they are not all equal. One of the best theories I have is that you must enjoy the little things. At first that may seem very common sensical, but wait, there is more.  The big, huge things and moments don’t come around that much in life, so you have to pay attention and enjoy those little perfect moments when you can.  It is the difference in having a bad day, having and OK day, and having a great day.

For instance, today was just an amazing day. Did anything big and life changing happen today? No. but today was still spectacular.  Because of those perfect little moments along the way. It started off with the perfect cup of coffee, then virtually no traffic on the way to work.  I heard several of my favorite songs on the radio, song very loudly with them (I sing like Celine Dion when I am in my car…but only when in my car). Fol;lowed up by a great morning of smooth projects and meetings, then I was taken out to lunch and had great conversation with several wonderful people at the lunch table. The weather was beautiful and one the drive home the windows were down, radio was up, I was singing, and it was perfect. So many wonderful, little perfect moments in just this one day. And now I am at home, with a glass of wine., my tv on, writing while my cats sit on either side of me purring. Soon I will put the computer down and commence to a great night of TV watching and folding laundry. Glamorous life, I know. But again, it is in those perfect moments of a warm home, happy cats, favorite TV shows, that I find solace and peace.

And one day, I will have those small perfect moments with someone special. Not tonight, not tomorrow night, or even the night after. But one night. And those little perfect moments will be what he looks forward to at night. Who is he? I don’t yet. But I have faith,, when things are quiet, when it is dark, when the sounds are low, that my love is not over. This last one did not work out, but I will not let that make me bitter. I will hope. And one day, my hand being inside his will be that one perfect moment for both of us And he will enjoy me, all of me, faults and all. He will even find my faults endearing.

Until then, I will enjoy all of those wonderful special, little perfect moments. And i will sing loudly in my car, walk on my tiptoes still, enjoy decorating for the upcoming seasons, and making all those little things, into a great big happy life.


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